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Angus W. Stocking, L.S. ( is a licensed land surveyor who has been writing about infrastructure full time since 2001.

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Perfect-Fit Aluminum Cladding with 3D Laser Scanning

In 2011, Tronnes Surveys was asked to step in on a tricky project involving the Edmonton International Airport’s (EIA) new Combined Office Tower (COT), which integrates offices and the air traffic control tower in one eight-story building. A sleek, undulating zinc cladding system, meant to evoke Edmonton’s sweeping plains landscape, cocoons the COT and strikes
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The ROI of Digital Layout

In early 2012, Frazier of Lancaster, Calif., became one of the first multistate concrete companies to adopt robotic total station technology for standard layout tasks. “It’s our policy to be progressive—we used laser screeds early on, for example,” explains Vice President of Concrete Mike Prascsak. “We make that part of our presentations and interviews when
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