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New Partnership Advances Immersive 3D Visualizations for AEC

A new partnership between Leica Geosystems and Matterport gives AEC professionals a fast, simple solution for creating, modifying, distributing, and navigating immersive 3D and digital images. The partnership integrates the new Leica BLK360 imaging laser scanner with Matterport’s cloud-based platform, as well as Multivista’s construction progress documentation services. SPAR 3D explores the details of this
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Reality Capture on a Challenging Construction Site

What’s the fastest and easiest way to document a changing and challenging construction site with multiple floors and tight spaces? Walking the site with a backpack mapping system offers a solution. This video shows a three-story building that was fully mapped and georeferenced in 25 minutes using a Leica Pegasus:Backpack. The data was processed in
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A Powerful Tool That Is Transforming Construction Project Management

Every construction project is unique. At each phase, challenges can emerge that put the entire project at risk of schedule delays and budget overruns. These issues can be avoided through timely and effective communication, but achieving this goal is often elusive. Base planning documents may be flawed or inaccurate; coordination is often lacking during the
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Dec. 7 Webinar: What You Should Know About 3D Reality Capture

With the latest hardware and software innovations, 3D reality capture is more accessible than ever before. Simple data collection methods, automated registration capabilities, intuitive deliverable creation software and versatile sharing tools are increasing the demand for point clouds in applications ranging from construction and surveying to public safety. But the latest developments are also raising
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New Laser Scanner Redefines Democratization of 3D

At Autodesk University 2016, Leica Geosystems and Autodesk announced an innovation that ushers in a new era of 3D reality capture. The new Leica BLK360  imaging laser scanner is so small and light that it fits in a typical messenger bag and can be carried almost anywhere. At the touch of a button, the scanner captures full-color
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Leica Geosystems and Autodesk Plan ‘Big Reveal’ at AU2016

Attendees at Autodesk University 2016 in Las Vegas will have the opportunity to be the first to know about the Leica Geosystems and Autodesk “mystery product” set to be unveiled on November 15, but a breaking news page promises to keep everyone informed of the big announcement. Sign up here:


Video: Reality Capture for Construction Validation

3D laser scanning is becoming mandatory for an efficient BIM workflow. With the latest hardware and software innovations, scanning workflows can be intuitive and accessible, or comprehensive and feature-rich. Recent software developments provide automated deviation detection and remarkable loading and processing speeds, as well as complete interoperability with popular CAD platforms. Scanning provides valuable insights
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Video: The Benefits of BIM-to-Field Robotic Construction Layout

From MEP to concrete construction, robotic total station layout provides substantial gains in accuracy and productivity. Watch the video to see how a fully digital process reduces rework and increases profitability.


Video: How Artform Innovates Architecture

Exceptional surfaces, stunning sunscreens, and fascinating fascias – Artform creates products that transform how buildings feel and function. Through innovation in digital layout processes, the company is able to achieve impressive accuracy while raising the bar on architectural design. Go behind the scenes in this interview with Josh Livingston, Todd Graham and Alek Buriak to learn
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Video: How WeWork Reinvents Real Estate with Reality Capture

WeWork is already the largest private tenant in Manhattan, with over 2.7 million square feet of space – and it’s growing rapidly. The WeWork Reality Capture team supports the build out and renovation of spaces through high-accuracy laser scanning and spherical photography. Watch this interview with Senior Reality Capture Specialist Thad Wester to discover how
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New Drone Partnership Expected to Advance Decision-Making in Construction

DJI, the world’s leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and Leica Geosystems, global leader of measurement and reality capture technology, together with Aibotix, have announced a strategic partnership that will drive UAV adoption in the surveying and construction industries.


Webinar Highlights Value of Virtual Construction

An estimated 98 percent of construction projects incur cost overruns and delays, and it’s not uncommon for projects to be as much as 20 months behind schedule. Is there any way to beat these negative trends and keep your projects on time and on budget? Yes – and forward-thinking companies are adopting innovative new approaches
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Video: Reality Capture for Pre-Design As-Builting

Starting with insufficient documentation on a renovation or retrofit project can lead to “designing in” invisible constructibility issues. Capturing digital as-built measurements before construction starts can completely eliminate these issues, thereby avoiding change orders, rework, and schedule delays. Watch the video to see how laser scanning reality capture provides a solution.


Video: Combining Layout And Flatness Scanning

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to perform flatness scanning on the fly during field layout? A scanning total station makes it possible. Watch the video to see how advanced hardware and software add intelligence to construction for more accurate layout, faster flatness analysis and improved elevation mapping.


The Secret to Faster, Smarter MEP Layout

Power Design Inc., based in St. Petersburg, FL, is one of the most dynamic electrical contracting companies in the nation. The family-run business provides service in design-build, construction and pre-construction, engineering, systems and lighting, with an emphasis on integrity, quality, innovation and teamwork. In a webinar on December 16, Bradley Moore, BIM/VDC manager of Power Design,
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Why Holder Construction Doesn’t Talk About BIM as ‘BIM’ Anymore

Building information modeling (BIM) benefits owners by lowering cost, creating a better quality product that they can understand more easily, and providing a digital as-built that they can use for the lifecycle of the project, says David Epps of Holder Construction, one of the leaders in BIM. So why isn’t Holder Construction talking about BIM
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Leica Geosystems Takes BIM Full Circle at Autodesk University 2015

Building information modeling (BIM) is experiencing a revolution in the construction industry as project teams increasingly strive to adopt a lifecycle process that brings reality into BIM and BIM into reality. Through innovative hardware and software integrations, today’s construction professionals have faster and easier access to high-accuracy data throughout the entire construction process. At Autodesk
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A Better Way to Use Point Clouds in AEC Projects

Laser scanning helps lower building contractor risks by ensuring as-built drawings are accurate and by exposing any inaccuracies early in the process, before they turn into change orders during construction. One area where contractors increasingly want to use point clouds is in the QC/QA process. Scanning the real-world construction site and comparing the point cloud data with the
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BIM Is Good for Business

A recognized BIM evangelist and early adopter of virtual design and construction, Raul Gomez understands the true value of building information modeling.


Robotic vs. Manual Total Stations: A Q&A with Golden Construction

Robotic total stations and intelligent field layout software are gaining in popularity because of their benefits, but as with any new technology, the associated costs and learning curve seem intimidating at first. Golden Construction in Birmingham, Ala., recently invested in the Leica iCON robots with surprising results. We sat down with Golden Construction’s Steven Denney, a veteran field engineer
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Field Layout Masters: How Successful Construction Firms Get It Right

Low productivity and high waste are common problems in building construction, driven largely by unexpected rework and change orders. Additionally, the complexity of buildings has increased, along with owner expectations to lower costs, accelerate turnaround and increase quality. Still, some construction firms have found a way to thrive in this environment. Their secret? The adoption
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Accurate by Design: How Reality Capture Transforms Construction

The use of laser scanning in construction is soaring—and for good reason. On a typical construction project, rework accounts for 12 to 15 percent of the cost of construction. With laser scanning, the ability to catch conflicts before they happen can reduce rework to 1 to 3 percent or less. This reduction translates into hundreds
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Video: Where BIM Is Taking Construction

Building information modeling (BIM) is having a substantial impact on the construction industry by improving accuracy and reducing risk. In this engaging panel discussion, we go behind the scenes with David Epps of Holder Construction, Russell Gibbs of Brasfield & Gorrie, and Chris Scanlon of DAVIS Construction to talk about some of the latest trends,
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Leica Geosystems and Autodesk Collaborate to Transform Building Construction Industry

Leica Geosystems, Inc., the pioneer of measurement technologies, and Autodesk Inc., a leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software, have formed a collaboration to provide wider access to premier reality-capture and BIM-to-field layout solutions for professionals involved in laser scanning, building construction layout and related markets. The alliance creates new opportunities for professionals working with Autodesk
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17 Must-Attend BIM Sessions at HxGN LIVE

HxGN LIVE, Hexagon’s annual user’s conference, will be held in Las Vegas, June 1-4 at the MGM Grand Hotel. The Geosystems track will include more than 100 presentations on industry trends, user testimonials, new technology previews, interactive technical demos, hands on training and more. Registered attendees are free to attend any conference session. Check out
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Basic MEP Field Tools for Enriching BIM Workflows

No matter where you are in your BIM adoption process – whether you are just getting started with digital layout or already using advanced 3D workflows on every jobsite – there are field tools that can enrich your workflows and help you improve your accuracy, efficiency and overall productivity. Most mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors
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Technology Plus Training Is Key to BIM Success

The benefits of using BIM for MEP layout are overwhelmingly positive. However, adopting this new process is not without a learning curve. For seasoned foremen like Tom Brown, a leading foreman’s instructor with Nelson-Carlson, learning a new technology and adopting BIM takes some getting used to. “Many mechanical and plumbing shops are in a constant
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BIM Makes Prefab Easy for Nelson-Carlson Mechanical

Nelson-Carlson Mechanical, a family owned plumbing and mechanical company that has been in business for almost 100 years, recently found itself faced with a growing requirement – especially with its government contracts – to use building information modeling (BIM). As Nelson-Carlson implemented the changes necessary to adopt a BIM workflow, the company quickly evolved from
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How HA Sack Innovates MEP Coordination with BIM

A full-service MEP contracting company that has been around the southeast since 1945, HA Sack has used modeling and layout technology on an as-needed basis in the past. But its most recent project – a two-story elementary school near Savannah, Georgia – is the first in which everyone is using the BIM process from start
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Choosing the Right Data Capture Tool for BIM

From xyHt – With the rise in demand for fast and accurate 3D construction information, laser scanning has become invaluable to many building information modeling (BIM) projects. However, a dedicated laser scanner might not always be the best tool for the job. Here’s how Bradford Construction evaluates technology to ensure a successful outcome.


Facchina Jumps into BIM with DC Office Building

Facchina Construction Company, one of the most respected contractors in the Washington D.C. area, has been using building information modeling (BIM) since 2011, but the firm just recently jumped into the process with both feet. The company was tasked with handling a 20-story, 500,000 square foot above grade office structure located just outside of D.C.
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REAL 2015 to Showcase State-of-the-Art in 3D Capture Hardware and Software

More than 500 leaders and innovators in 3D will converge at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, Feb. 25-26, 2015, for the launch of REAL, a unique gathering to explore reality computing as the continuum of reality data, from 3D capture to 3D processing through to AR/VR, 3D printing and fabrication. The two-day event will
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Video: Laser Scanning for Construction

In the planning stage, a laser scanner is a powerful tool for analyzing a construction site. High detail and unique visualization options help designers get a more complete picture of the site. During construction, scanning can be used to check progress or verify standard compliance. It can also be used to obtain valuable information in
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UAS Enable Faster, Safer Curtain Wall Inspections

Inspecting the curtain wall on a multistory building is not a job for the faint of heart. Workers spend hours in lifts or on high-rise swing stages, taking photos and measurements to document potential problems. The work is expensive, time consuming and dangerous. The progressive leaders of Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the largest privately
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Webinar Jan. 21: Three Real-World Applications of BIM

As a general contractor, you’ve heard about the importance of BIM, but how do you practically integrate it and find savings in your existing workflows? Here’s your chance to learn from BIM leaders in an encore Autodesk University presentation, a popular session that was sold out two weeks before the conference. Brasfield & Gorrie, one
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7 Things You Should Know About Laser Measurement Tools

Whether you’re looking for a laser distance meter for interior as-builting or just need a good all-purpose tool, Hugh Baertlein shares seven good questions to ask before you make your decision. Baertlein has been working in measurement technology for almost 25 years, and 12 of those have been with laser distance meters (or laser distance measurers), also
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How to Capture Tall Vertical Structures from a Distance

In a service-oriented business, client satisfaction is the No. 1 goal. But as any entrepreneur who has ever entered a contest knows, it can’t hurt to have a secondary motivation to raise the bar on a firm’s overall capabilities. When Doug Brinley first learned about the new MultiStation category in the annual Plan Contest at
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New Report Indicates ‘Unrelenting Growth’ in BIM

Contractors expect to see their work involving BIM increase by 50 percent on average over the next two years, according to a new report by McGraw Hill Construction. Benefits such as reduced errors and omissions, enhanced collaboration, and an enhanced company image were cited as key reasons for the growth; in fact, half of the
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Illinois Hospital’s BIM Mandate Highlights Key Implementation Strategies

Northwestern Memorial Hospital(NMH) in Illinois issued an enterprise mandate three years ago to use building information modeling (BIM) for all projects. As reported in Healthcare Design magazine, a number of lessons have been learned as NMH has developed its BIM initiatives and processes. These tips can be helpful to consider when implementing BIM at an
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Integrated Project Delivery Benefits Orlando Regional Medical Center

Brasfield & Gorrie’s use of integrated project delivery (IPD), a collaborative delivery system involving engagement of all parties throughout the life of a project, has contributed to the continued progress of construction at Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando, Fla. Read more here.


New Guide Helps MEP Contractors Navigate BIM

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has launched a new guide to help MEP contractors understand how to incorporate and leverage leading edge technologies and processes into their projects’ spatial coordination efforts. Titled Achieving MEP Spatial Coordination Through BIM – A Guide for Specialty Contractors, the document was developed by a task force comprised
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Brasfield & Gorrie ‘BIM Box’ Improves Field Communications on Hospital Project

An innovative jobsite communication tool recently helped Brasfield & Gorrie achieve an on-schedule completion of St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Greensboro, Ga. (rendering above). Dubbed the “BIM Box” by its creator, Brasfield & Gorrie Project Manager Jep Pound, the solution was created from an old job box and gave the project team access to
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