• When to Use a Scanning Total Station vs. a Dedicated Laser Scanner

    When is it best to use a scanning total station versus a dedicated laser scanner? It’s a question we’re often asked by professionals who want to improve accuracy and reduce rework on their construction projects. In both new construction and renovations, the rich, complete data captured with a laser scanner provides the required information with …   Read More

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Laser Measurement Tools

    Whether you’re looking for a laser distance meter for interior as-builting or just need a good all-purpose tool, Hugh Baertlein shares seven good questions to ask before you make your decision. Baertlein has been working in measurement...

  • How to Capture Tall Vertical Structures from a Distance

    In a service-oriented business, client satisfaction is the No. 1 goal. But as any entrepreneur who has ever entered a contest knows, it can’t hurt to have a secondary motivation to raise the bar on a firm’s overall capabilities. When Doug Brinley first learned about the new MultiStation category in the annual Plan Contest at …   Read More

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    With construction spending once again on the rise, there has never been a better time to get involved in BIM. “Minimum BIM requirements” are increasingly being included in project bids and specifications, and a growing number of project stakeholders are placing a higher value on companies that offer BIM services. Still, there are some skeptics …   Read More

  • How to Choose the Right Software

    Whether you’re looking for a productive field-to-finish solution, an office tool for point cloud processing, or another software package, more solutions exist today than ever before. How can you make sure you’re choosing the right software for your application? Here are five easy steps to success.   Read More

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  • A Tool for BIM: The 3D Disto

    The Leica Geosystems 3D Disto captures and projects accurate 3D measurements for applications such as creating CAD templates, capturing as-built measurements and creating 3D visualizations. It’s also a useful tool for BIM. With some basic orientation, you are able to shoot points much the same way you would use a total station, only you’re not looking through …   Read More

  • How BIM 360 Glue Changes Model Use

    Autodesk Navisworks is often used as a “decoder ring” by which all the different models from start to finish are assembled. At a minimum, this means subcontractor models, but it also usually includes design models from architects and engineers. Mobile model use, particularly in the field, has never been practical as the few model viewers out …   Read More