• Facchina Jumps into BIM with DC Office Building

    Facchina Construction Company, one of the most respected contractors in the Washington D.C. area, has been using building information modeling (BIM) since 2011, but a few years ago the firm jumped into the process with both feet. The company was tasked with handling a 20-story, 500,000 square foot above grade office structure located just outside …   Read More

  • UAS Enable Faster, Safer Curtain Wall Inspections

    Inspecting the curtain wall on a multistory building is not a job for the faint of heart. Workers spend hours in lifts or on high-rise swing stages, taking photos and measurements to document potential problems. The work is expensive, time consuming and dangerous. The progressive leaders of Brasfield & Gorrie, one of the largest privately …   Read More

  • How to Capture Tall Vertical Structures from a Distance

    In a service-oriented business, client satisfaction is the No. 1 goal. But as any entrepreneur who has ever entered a contest knows, it can’t hurt to have a secondary motivation to raise the bar on a firm’s overall capabilities. When Doug Brinley first learned about the new MultiStation category in the annual Plan Contest at …   Read More

  • Digital Layout Cuts Project Time in Half for Concrete Contractor

    For Sobcon Concrete, Inc., a full-service concrete contractor with clients all over Alabama, typical commercial projects once started with strings, tape measures, caulk lines and batter boards. “Our main work is forming and pouring concrete for foundations, retaining walls, columns and elevated slabs,” said Josh Hollingshead, Sobcon’s head project engineer. “Our crews do all of …   Read More

  • BIM Field Trip Keeps Four-Story Residential Construction Project on Track

    Ensuring the perfect fit of steel beams in commercial and residential buildings requires more than line drawings and spot measurements. On complex structures with contemporary designs, creating a seamless flow of accurate data in a 3D digital environment is often the only way to get the job done right the first time around.   Read More

  • Perfect-Fit Aluminum Cladding with 3D Laser Scanning

    In 2011, Tronnes Surveys was asked to step in on a tricky project involving the Edmonton International Airport’s (EIA) new Combined Office Tower (COT), which integrates offices and the air traffic control tower in one eight-story building. A sleek, undulating zinc cladding system, meant to evoke Edmonton’s sweeping plains landscape, cocoons the COT and strikes …   Read More

  • Digital Layout Saves Concrete Contractor $2,000 Per Week

    Concrete construction footing crews typically lay out footings with tape measures and strings. Once this this process is completed, the layout begins. “It’s generally around this time when we’d find a mistake in excavation or some other problem,” says Craig Poortinga of Walrite LLC Colorado Foundation Contractors. “The guys would spend a good part of …   Read More

  • The ROI of Digital Layout

    In early 2012, Frazier of Lancaster, Calif., became one of the first multistate concrete companies to adopt robotic total station technology for standard layout tasks. “It’s our policy to be progressive—we used laser screeds early on, for example,” explains Vice President of Concrete Mike Prascsak. “We make that part of our presentations and interviews when …   Read More