Field Layout Masters: How Successful Construction Firms Get It Right

Low productivity and high waste are common problems in building construction, driven largely by unexpected rework and change orders. Additionally, the complexity of buildings has increased, along with owner expectations to lower costs, accelerate turnaround and increase quality. Still, some construction firms have found a way to thrive in this environment. Their secret? The adoption of new processes, such as building information modeling (BIM) and digital workflows. The recent collaboration between Autodesk and Leica Geosystems is making cloud-connected, model-driven field layout even easier so construction teams can increase jobsite productivity. In a 60-minute webinar on September 3, Leica Geosystems’ Cathi Hayes and Autodesk’s Zach Crumal showed how the alliance between the two technology giants can improve your layout process. You can now view the webinar on-demand.

You’ll learn:

  • How state-of-the-art hardware combined with cloud and mobile based software integrations make it easier for BIM/VDC departments to prep model data for field layout.
  • How to get accurate layout points to the field for QA/QC and back checking with no second-guessing.
  • How to improve collaboration across the entire construction team for a more efficient BIM process and greater ROI.

Find out how you can transform your construction process with seamless digital layout workflows. Watch the on-demand webinar today!


To learn more, download the ebook: “Streamlined Construction Layout: A Contractor’s Guide to Saving Money and Dramatically Reducing Layout Time.”

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