New Report Indicates ‘Unrelenting Growth’ in BIM

Contractors expect to see their work involving BIM increase by 50 percent on average over the next two years, according to a new report by McGraw Hill Construction. Benefits such as reduced errors and omissions, enhanced collaboration, and an enhanced company image were cited as key reasons for the growth; in fact, half of the contractors that reported a very high BIM engagement also reported returns in excess of 25 percent on their investments in BIM. Forty percent of the contractors with very high BIM engagement levels reported that BIM significantly reduced rework on projects, resulting in a significant cost savings. 

“As greater industry demands unfold, BIM is emerging as a vital process to promote efficiency and leaner operations throughout a construction project’s lifecycle,” said Lisa Campbell, vice president, Industry Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk, Inc., which was the study’s premier partner. “And contractors are poised to see tremendous benefits from BIM across all regions.”

A complete copy of the report can be downloaded at To learn more about how BIM can benefit your firm, please contact us.

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