Video: Reality Capture for Pre-Design As-Builting


Starting with insufficient documentation on a renovation or retrofit project can lead to “designing in” invisible constructibility issues. Capturing digital as-built measurements before construction starts can completely eliminate these issues, thereby avoiding change orders, rework, and schedule delays. Watch the video to see how laser scanning reality capture provides a solution.

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Leica Geosystems Takes BIM Full Circle at Autodesk University 2015


Building information modeling (BIM) is experiencing a revolution in the construction industry as project teams increasingly strive to adopt a lifecycle process that brings reality into BIM and BIM into reality. Through innovative hardware and software integrations, today’s construction professionals have faster and easier access to high-accuracy data throughout the entire construction process. At Autodesk University 2015, Dec. 1-3 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Leica Geosystems will show how workflow solutions developed in collaboration with Autodesk bring BIM full circle for a holistic building construction approach.

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BIM Makes Prefab Easy for Nelson-Carlson Mechanical

Boiler Room

Nelson-Carlson Mechanical, a family owned plumbing and mechanical company that has been in business for almost 100 years, recently found itself faced with a growing requirement – especially with its government contracts – to use building information modeling (BIM). As Nelson-Carlson implemented the changes necessary to adopt a BIM workflow, the company quickly evolved from using 3D layout solely on an as-needed basis to using it almost every day. Continue reading…

When to Use a Scanning Total Station vs. a Dedicated Laser Scanner

MS50 Slab Flatness

When is it best to use a scanning total station versus a dedicated laser scanner?

It’s a question we’re increasingly being asked by professionals who want to improve accuracy and reduce rework on their construction projects. In both new construction and renovations, the rich, complete data captured with a laser scanner provides the required information with the accuracy needed for as-built documentation and construction planning. But what type of laser scanner is the best fit for your needs?

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Video: Laser Scanning for Construction

scanning for construction

In the planning stage, a laser scanner is a powerful tool for analyzing a construction site. High detail and unique visualization options help designers get a more complete picture of the site. During construction, scanning can be used to check progress or verify standard compliance. It can also be used to obtain valuable information in preparation for future phases of construction as well as to create virtual 3D models that can be used to manage MEP and structural design and construction. Laser scanning can also be used to capture highly accurate and complete construction as-builts. Watch this video to see how Karins and Associates based in Delaware uses laser scanning to add value to construction projects. Continue reading…

Merging the Model with the Field: Topic Proves Popular Among GCs at AU2014

BG-BIM_full size_blue

More than two weeks ahead of AU2014 in Las Vegas, a popular session on model-based field layout was completely full, with over 200 architects, general contractors and other building construction professionals signed up to attend. Titled “Merging the Model with the Field: 3 Applications for Model-Based Layout and As-Builts,” the session is being presented by Scott Cloud, regional director of VDC for Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC; Cathi Hayes, BIM business manager for Leica Geosystems; Carl Singleton, product marketing manager for Leica Geosystems; and Shawn Mancill, VDC coordinator for Brasfield & Gorrie. Continue reading…

7 Things You Should Know About Laser Measurement Tools


Whether you’re looking for a laser distance meter for interior as-builting or just need a good all-purpose tool, Hugh Baertlein shares seven good questions to ask before you make your decision. Baertlein has been working in measurement technology for almost 25 years, and 12 of those have been with laser distance meters (or laser distance measurers), also known as LDMs. Read the full article  on the Leica Geosystems lasers website.

An Easier Way to Manage Revitalization Projects

New Mexico3

Urban revitalization projects are often fraught with challenges due to inaccurate or incomplete documentation. Fortunately, there is an easy way to capture as-is conditions, inform the model with accurate data, provide quality assurance checks during construction, and capture progress milestones for a highly efficient building process. Continue reading…