Video: How WeWork Reinvents Real Estate with Reality Capture


WeWork is already the largest private tenant in Manhattan, with over 2.7 million square feet of space – and it’s growing rapidly. The WeWork Reality Capture team supports the build out and renovation of spaces through high-accuracy laser scanning and spherical photography. Watch this interview with Senior Reality Capture Specialist Thad Wester to discover how progressive scanning and integrated construction processes lay the foundation for WeWork’s success.
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Using Point Clouds in Clash Detection

clash detection 1

We use Autodesk Navisworks almost exclusively as our primary clash detection tool. However, up until about a year ago, we have only worked with “projected” models – that is, shop drawings in 3D format that convey what the project will look like once that particular system is installed. Combining all of these files into Navisworks usually results in what’s known as “clashes,” or conflicts between systems where certain elements are competing for the same space. Continue reading…

‘Heat Mapping’ Irregular Floors

heat mapping 1

Many of our interior build-out projects are in existing spaces, and these spaces often have their fair share of challenges. One recent challenge included an irregular concrete deck with low spots, coined “bird baths.” At the end of the day, this floor had to be leveled. Continue reading…