National Music Centre’s New Home Arises in Calgary

National Music Centre Studio Bell_770px

Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music”—Goethe’s aphorism comes easily to mind when contemplating the National Music Centre (NMC) and its new building, recently named Studio Bell, which was designed by superstar architect Brad Cloepfil and is set to open in the summer of 2016. It’s a big building—160,000 square feet distributed among nine towers—with a big budget: $168 million. And it supports the hopes of a revered institution, as well as the ambitions of Canada’s third-largest city. Continue reading…

Video: Where BIM Is Taking Construction

Building information modeling (BIM) is having a substantial impact on the construction industry by improving accuracy and reducing risk. In this engaging panel discussion, we go behind the scenes with David Epps of Holder Construction, Russell Gibbs of Brasfield & Gorrie, and Chris Scanlon of DAVIS Construction to talk about some of the latest trends, including laser scanning, robotic total stations and multistations. Plus, Cathi Hayes of Leica Geosystems shares details about the latest innovation for data capture in building construction.

BIM 101: The Basics of Back Checking for Quality Assurance

back-checking-qa with Nova MS50.jpg

If you are already taking your layout points out of the office and into the field, that is a major accomplishment and one that positions you for success using BIM in the field. However, it’s always best to “measure twice and cut once,” as the adage goes, so now is the perfect time for some important quality assurance (QA) steps. Continue reading…

BIM 101: Getting Layout Points to the Field


If your BIM data has already been prepped for field layout, you’re ready for the next step: taking it into the field. Armed with BIM layout points, plan underlays and reference models, you are now ready to shoot points on the jobsite that replicate the accuracy of BIM in the office. Continue reading…

BIM 101: Three Basic Tools for Digital Layout


Getting started with BIM and digital layout can seem like a monumental task if you don’t know where to start. The first step is understanding the “lay of the land” – what are the parts and pieces, and how do they fit into your business. From there, it is much easier to strategically choose a starting point that will yield the best return on the investment. Continue reading…

How LOD 350 Benefits BIM for Building Construction

BimForum 2013 LOD Spec

The BIMForum recently released the 2013 Level of Development (LOD) Specification, which includes a new LOD level – LOD 350. Prior to this development, the AIA G202 LOD definitions left a lot of room for interpretation by designers and engineers, thus creating uncertainty about model integrity by downstream users. General contractors often recreate models from scratch because they can’t rely on the quality of models coming from other project team members. The new 2013 Level of Development Specification changes all this. Continue reading…