Five BIM Predictions for 2015

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Building information modeling has become an integral part of the way many construction firms do business. More and more contractors are seeing the benefits and value of BIM and using it to take a more proactive approach to construction. Exciting things are happening in BIM this year! Here are some of the trends you should expect to see throughout 2015 and beyond.

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How BIM 360 Glue Changes Model Use

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Many years ago, we decided Autodesk Navisworks would be our “decoder ring” by which we’d assemble all the different models we work with from start to finish. At a minimum this means subcontractor models, but it also usually includes design models from architects and engineers. Mobile model use, particularly in the field, has never been practical as the few model viewers out there all have a mix of pros and cons. The good news is that Autodesk introduced BIM 360 Glue for the iPad many months ago and it’s changed the way we think about model use. Continue reading…