Two Hot Trends to Watch at World of Concrete 2015

Exciting things are happening in the concrete industry, driven by the emerging requirements of owners and general contractors to incorporate intelligent 3D model based design into layout and construction to reduce costly rework and keep projects on schedule. The World of Concrete show in Las Vegas next month – one of the top shows in the industry – is projected to be the largest in six years with 1,300 exhibitors and over 630,000+ square feet of exhibition space. In addition to all of the newest products and equipment, building information modeling (BIM) – incorporating intelligent 3D design models into construction and layout, and utilizing high definition scanning before and during construction to compare as-built to as-designed – is a hot trend in the concrete industry that will get a lot of attention this year.

Here are two things you should expect to see at this year’s show and throughout 2015:

#1: More Robotic Total Stations

As more and more contractors are using 3D models in the field for layout to avoid expensive rework, expect to see more robotic total stations on the showroom floor this year. Unlike manual methods of measurement that are labor intensive, total stations enable concrete installers to quickly re-create the accuracy of the coordinated model in the office into the field. They are accurate, fast, easy to learn and can ultimately save you a lot of money by avoiding rework.


#2: Concrete Slab Flatness Analysis with Innovative Scanning Solutions

Look for concrete contractors familiar with total station layout to begin performing slab flatness analysis with scanning total stations. Also called multistations, these systems allow contractors to quickly perform multiple scans for slab flatness using a familiar total station workflow for orientation and re-location of the instrument (resecting). Not only are the scans highly accurate, they create visual data that can easily be used for all kinds of concrete projects, from renovations to new construction.

And with a scanning total station, you don’t have to be a scanning expert. Separate registration of the point cloud data isn’t required; everything is done for you automatically on the instrument. This requires minimal time to learn and become productive.

Slab Flatness Analysis with the Leica Nova MS50


These tools are hot, new and a perfect fit for today’s concrete contractors. Are you headed to World of Concrete this year? Stop by Booth C-5748 to see some of the industry’s most innovative BIM solutions.

World of Concrete will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 2-6th. For more information about the show, visit

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Cathi Hayes is an architect, building information modeling (BIM) pioneer and strategy leader with more than 20 years of experience developing and implementing workflow improvements in various facets of the building design and construction industry. Early on her career, she established Revit as an industry changing model-based design technology in the architectural design industry. She later served as strategic BIM manager for Autodesk, establishing the company as a primary resource in the US residential, commercial and government markets for design, engineering and construction collaboration to help improve workflows and reduce costs. As BIM strategy and business development director for Leica Geosystems, Cathi focuses on helping building contractors achieve greater success in BIM through the adoption of leading-edge hardware and software solutions that make it easy to move from 2D to 3D workflows and extending the value of BIM into the field. Cathi is a trusted BIM advisor and a leading voice on BIM throughout the North American construction industry. She holds degrees from North Carolina State (BEDA Architecture) and the University of Kansas (PBA). She can be reached at

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