An Easier Way to Manage Revitalization Projects

Urban revitalization projects are often fraught with challenges due to inaccurate or incomplete documentation. Fortunately, there is an easy way to capture as-is conditions, inform the model with accurate data, provide quality assurance checks during construction, and capture progress milestones for a highly efficient building process.

To illustrate this concept, a team of BIM experts from Leica Geosystems and Holman’s visited the historic Albuquerque Rail Yards in New Mexico. The city is in the planning stages of converting the aging architectural jewels into a mixed-use employment and cultural center to help revitalize the downtown area, and no accurate as-builts of the structures exist.

The team used a Leica ScanStation laser scanner to accurately capture the architectural details as well as the exact locations of all structural elements. The team then simulated how the resulting point clouds could be manipulated using Leica CloudWorx for Revit software to more easily design the new space based on accurate as-is conditions.

From there, the team demonstrated how new construction could be laid out directly from the model coordinates to provide the most accurate and efficient layout without any manual re-entry of data. As the concrete contractor completes the new interior structure to support a new second floor, the GC could validate that the structure was built correctly by using a Leica Nova MultiStation to back check points and scan areas with deviations. This information could then be returned to the model without the need to stitch together point clouds or post-process the data for orientation.

Progress scans with the ScanStation could be conducted throughout the construction process to provide large-scale quality assurance as well as to create an as-built deliverable for operations and maintenance throughout the life of the structure.

Using BIM for model coordination and layout in conjunction with 3D as-built scanning before and during construction empowers project teams to complete work faster while substantially reducing rework and liability issues.

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