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Steve Hunt Dee Cramer

Steve Hunt
VP Preconstruction
Dee Cramer

Dee Cramer is a pioneer in Building Information Modeling (BIM). A full-service HVAC/sheet metal construction and service firm located in Michigan, Dee Cramer has been drawing in 3D for nearly 20 years. The company performs custom ductwork fabrication ranging from light gauge air distribution systems to heavy gauge industrial ventilation systems. With four offices, three of which double as manufacturing facilities, Dee Cramer is a third generation owned, Michigan-based company.

“We initiated BIM back in 1992 when it was 3D CAD (computer aided design) to drive our manufacturing process,” said Steve Hunt, Vice President, Preconstruction at Dee Cramer. “Since then, Dee Cramer has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry.”

Dee Cramer has established itself as an industry leader in technological advancement, specifically for its BIM/CAD expertise. The company has a BIM manager with 14 union workers dedicated to project coordination. That team has been using Leica Geosystems’ Total Stations for 10 years to create the most accurate and realistic 3D renderings for its jobsites, including precisely locating hanger points. [insert any time saved in the field or efficiencies gained from this process]

“We just bought a new total station year and will replace our current one with another Leica total station,” added Hunt. “Our goal is to have 4 crew members sharing two devices going forward…” [NOTE: training just completed; only deployed on one job = need more time to fully realize benefits and add to the quote/content here]

The transition to Leica Geosystems products and technology 10 years ago was an easy one for Dee Cramer. In addition to the benefits in the field, Dee Cramer trusts Leica Geosystems equipment and technology for all its job sites.

“The industry expertise and knowledge coupled with being easy to work with is a clear differentiator,” noted Hunt. “Leica is progressive; they push the envelope in terms of technology and that’s where we want to be. The relationship and support we have working with Leica is unparalleled. Our experience with Leica has been excellent.”

A technology advantage is what helps set Dee Cramer apart. In addition to hanger layout with BIM coordination models, Dee Cramer does a lot of MEP (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) coordination using BIM for its jobsites’ general contractors and modeling for mechanical contractors who don’t have CAD/BIM services in house.

Dee Cramer typically coordinates everything in the celling space, applying the hangers to support ductwork, which supports the mechanical, in the space. Ductwork installation during construction can be a complex procedure leading to project delays, numerous challenges and unexpected costs. It’s critical to understand where hangers go to support duct work and where to attach above.

With Leica’s Total Stations, Dee Cramer can load data of hanger points, shoot into new slab, projecting upward, and put into the upper attachment.

Always schedule driven, Dee Cramer uses Leica to deliver against tight timelines and strict requirements. Using Leica’s products and technology, Dee Cramer is often able to drop hangers before concrete is poured. This agility has allowed Dee Cramer to deliver – accurately – against timelines and budget. [insert specifics here the process & efficiency]


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