Time on today’s building construction sites is at a premium. Staying on schedule and preventing return trips requires you to use technology to your advantage. With 3D laser scanning reality capture, you can easily boost the productivity of your team, increase the efficiency of your workflows and deliver greater value to your clients. Using ultra-accurate laser scanning combined with high-definition imagery, you can capture whole environments quickly and in detail to create a digital 3D space that can be explored, measured and annotated for a more complete understanding of the building.

In a 60-minute webinar at 11 am EDT on October 17, building and construction reality capture specialist Clair Vander Zwaag will share key strategies to maximize planning, data capture and delivery with 3D laser scanning. You’ll learn:

  • How to understand the constraints of standards, deliverables and site considerations
  • How to evaluate technology performance
  • How to maximize efficiency when laser scanning for both rapid analysis and long-term data use
  • How to store data for collaboration and accessibility

…and more

Discover the best way to put reality capture to work on your next project to boost productivity and profitability. Register today!

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