An estimated 98 percent of construction projects incur cost overruns and delays, and it’s not uncommon for projects to be as much as 20 months behind schedule. Is there any way to beat these negative trends and keep your projects on time and on budget? Yes – and forward-thinking companies are adopting innovative new approaches to do exactly that. In an informative on-demand webinar, Shaun Lewis and Julien Bartolo of DAVIS share how the company is using virtual construction (VC) and building information modeling (BIM) to achieve seamless coordination between teams, and identify and address possible conflicts before construction begins.

Titled, “Point Clouds, Gaming Engines and the Extraordinary Value of Virtual Construction,” the webinar takes you behind the scenes to see how the extensive use of in-house laser scanning technology helps DAVIS establish accurate as-built models and improve quality control. You’ll learn:

  • How reality capture with 3D laser scanning supports proactive problem solving and promotes an accurate understanding of site conditions, design visualization and trade coordination 
  • How the latest point cloud software and gaming engines increase the productivity of model verification workflows 
  • Why and how DAVIS maximizes the use of technology in construction 


Discover how to unleash the power of productivity on your next project with virtual construction in this informative session.


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