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Laser scanning during a construction project is a fast, easy and accurate way to provide quality assurance checks, capture progress milestones, perform completed work assessments and create as-builts for facilities management. With laser scans, you can easily compare real-world construction against the model to identify any deviations before they impact the schedule and budget. 3D laser scanning is the best way to create a true as-built record as work is performed in the field, providing data for assessing work completed at specific points in the schedule and visibility into every system even after drywall and finishes are installed. It’s like having X-ray vision for the life of the building.

For large or complex projects that need super-fast complete 3D as-built capture, choose the ScanStation P15 and supporting point cloud processing software,  Leica Cyclone, along with the high-performance point cloud management solution Leica Cloudworx for Revit plug-in for fast and complete information.


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