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A Powerful Tool That Is Transforming Construction Project Management

Every construction project is unique. At each phase, challenges can emerge that put the entire project at risk of schedule delays and budget overruns. These issues can be avoided through timely and effective communication, but achieving this goal is often elusive. Base planning documents may be flawed or inaccurate; coordination is often lacking during the pre-construction phase; and feedback from the construction site back to the office is limited .or nonexistent. As a result, establishing accountability is extremely difficult. Solving these problems requires a system that gives project teams easy access to real-time information.

Increased Transparency Improves Project Control


Recently, new developments in cloud-based construction enterprise management have begun enabling a transparent and connected approach. One of the most advanced solutions in this field is HxGN SMART Build, developed by Hexagon. The software-as-a-service organizes data and information on a single browser-based platform that participants at all levels of the construction project can access at any time and from anywhere. CAD drawings, 3D models, specifications, schedules, materials, workflows and other documentation are consolidated into a secure, cloud-based information management solution that gives contractors up-to-the-minute tracking, managing and reporting of time, materials and other expenditures, including variances between budgeted and actual costs. Online dashboards, model visualization tools and interactive spreadsheets provide increased visibility into project execution and performance.

Workers have real-time access to all changes, detailed instructions and advanced technologies onsite through their mobile devices and can easily report deviations and submit completion updates. The ability to fully integrate models with robotic total stations and continuously capture real-time job site data ensures that both people and machines can understand and optimize the plan.


Mirko Stock, Chief Operations Officer at Hexagon Ventures, says that the power of this type of solution is its ability to provide a clear line of sight to the entire project, actionable information on all activities and changes, and complete control at every level, from planning and execution to handover of the final digit asset to the owner. “It gives the people exactly the information that they need, exactly at the right point in time, in dependency of what they’re working on,” he says. “You end up with a connected project, updated at real time, connecting people, plans and data.”

Actionable Information Boosts Profitability

By gaining better insight on construction activities along with tighter control of costs and resources, contractors are able to improve all aspects of project performance. The result is reduced risk, compressed schedules and increased profitability.

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