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DPR Construction

Hannu Lindberg – national director for virtual design/construction leading implementation of reality capture deployment and implementation

Josh DeStefano – virtual design/construction design leader responsible for reality capture/QC

Karen Fossett – (marketing)

DPR Construction is one of the nation’s leading technical builders specializing in highly complex and sustainable projects for the advanced technology, mission critical, life sciences, healthcare, higher education and commercial markets. Founded in 1990 with a mission to Build Great Things, DPR has been using advanced technology in its workflows since inception and has built a reputation for its forward thinking, innovative approach to project planning and builds.

“Complex projects require advanced technology to mitigate risk and provide better outcomes for clients,” said Hannu Lindberg, National Director for Virtual Design, DPR. “We utilized technology to manage our risk and deliver a better product to our clients.” Using technology as a differentiator in the industry, DPR also has built a reputation for high-profile projects and our ability to complete them on time, on spec and on budget.

This includes the high-profile Kaiser San Marcos project. A long-term DPR client, this is the first hospital build DPR has done for Kaiser. In the XX stage  [insert specifics (images?) on the project phase] DPR is leading the development of a USD $400+ million, 400 bed facility, complete with its own utility plant. Adjacent to the existing site, and once completed, the new hospital will [insert specifics on the hospital, capacity, advancements, critical care, etc.]

With the foundation in place, DPR is using integrated project delivery (IPD), and building design construction (BDC) implementation to drive design, optimize results and maximize efficiency. DPR’s strategy is to plan through virtual modeling and verify via reality capture (drones, 360 cameras, scanning, etc.). The weeding out of the planned rework in the design process allows DPR to accelerate the build and deliver them on time (or in advance of) project completion deadlines. [insert any specifics from the Kaiser project we’re able to reference] “We’re seeing some amazing results w with BDC implementation,” said Josh DeStefano, Virtual Design Leader, DPR. “The result is one of the fastest designs Kaiser has ever seen in a build.”

The technology and tools that make this possible is mission critical to DPR, which made the strategic decision in 2020 to exclusively partner with Leica Geosystems. “Leica gives us a

competitive advantage with its top-of-line technology that impacts our results, and the company is strategically set up to support its customers directly,” added Lindberg. “With Leica Geosystems’ tools and technology, we’re able to identify issues before they become problems and have increased our overall productivity at job sites.”

Working with Leica has also strengthened DPR’s ability to better mitigate and control risk on the job site. [insert specifics from previous jobs/projects]

And by animating workflows to better interpret data, DPR combines technology data with human intuition/intellect. This allows DPR to verify all details upfront, validating and identifying problems in the preconstruction phase. “We don’t shy away from risk. We manage and control it. Technology is what helps us do that,” added DeStefano. “That’s why we partner with Leica exclusively; their technology and scanning equipment is top of the line and Leica is top of the space.”

By properly and safely managing risk, DPR is able to realize greater reward with at-spec measurement, scanning and building, leading to less rework, better quality, increased productivity, all of which has DPR meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations.

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