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How Harvey’s Raises the Bar for As-Built Drawings in Mechanical Engineering

When architects, contractors and homeowners work with an engineer for H.V.A.C., hydronics, plumbing, sheet metal fabrication or other mechanical needs, the documentation of the space and systems is not typically much of a consideration. Schematic drawings have long been the standard, and as long as they (eventually) lead to the correct installation, the format of the drawings is deemed inconsequential. But what if the documentation could be much more? What if the deliverables provided as part of the engineering project could be so high in accuracy and so rich in detail that they eliminate the risk of rework, dramatically accelerate the completion of the project, and fast-track any future modifications?

Harvey’s Engineering, a full-service plumbing and mechanical contractor based in Bozeman, MT, has discovered the key to providing this kind of high-value deliverable. The company uses a building information modeling (BIM) approach that focuses on fabrication. Through as-built digital reconstructions in the form of point clouds, Harvey’s is transforming the entire industry. Watch this interview with Harvey’s Engineering Division Manager Brian Nickel to learn how the Leica BLK360 imaging laser scanner is enabling the company to establish a new era of engineering design.

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