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New Layout Technology Drives Productivity and Safety in Building Construction

Poor productivity, poor project performance, and skilled labor shortages are some of the biggest problems facing today’s construction industry.
Technology provides a strategic way to address these challenges. Leading-edge construction contractors have already gained speed, accuracy, and productivity by using robotic total stations and advanced software to digitize their layout process. Now there’s a way to drive productivity even further with another innovation—a smart prism pole system called the Leica AP20 AutoPole that incorporates tilt compensation, automatic height readings, and automatic target recognition.

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This revolutionary advance, pioneered by Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, promises to boost layout productivity an additional 30% or more because of the time saved leveling up over points. The system also provides increased accuracy and important safety benefits.
“It reduces the learning curve required to be good at doing layout,” explains Michael James, a senior manager for building construction solutions at Hexagon Geosystems. “For companies in the industry that are struggling to get people moved into these roles and train them on layout, this is making that step a lot easier for them.”

Go behind the scenes with Michael in this recorded webinar to discover how the automatic pole height, tilt, and target recognition capabilities of the AP20 AutoPole are changing how contractors approach layout in building construction.

Download the white paper to learn how the AP20 works.

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