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Tech Insider: The Secret to Concrete Construction Productivity

Nate Bush talks about the challenging role of a line and grade manager and how he found ways to drive productivity.

Concrete line and grade managers have a tough job. They’re solving problems on the fly, answering questions, coordinating with the BIM department and trades, and trying to keep layout and topo work on track.

Nate Bush has 27 years of experience in concrete construction, including working as a line and grade manager. In this Tech Insider interview, he gives us a peek behind the curtain of what the job is really like—and an easy way concrete construction professionals can take their productivity to the next level. Watch the video to learn more.

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More About Nate

Nate Bush is an intrepid explorer who looks for opportunities to travel off the beaten path. During his 27-year tenure in concrete construction as a field engineer and line and grade manager, Nate blazed new trails in applying technology to solve problems and increase productivity, accuracy, and safety. He was instrumental in the adoption of robotic total stations and automated workflows to accelerate concrete layout and keep projects on schedule, on budget, and on spec. As a building construction sales engineer for Leica Geosystems, Nate applies his experience to guide and support other construction professionals in achieving a fast ROI on their digitization journey.

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