Matterport photographers across industries including AEC, commercial real estate, insurance and many others, as well as BLK360 users, have all been wondering about the integration between the BLK360 with Matterport’s Capture app. The BLK360 imaging laser scanner provides ease of use, high accuracy and fast, full-color scanning capabilities, while the Matterport Capture app offers a simple and fast capture experience that makes scanning easy for any user at any experience level. According to Bill Robinson of Capture It 3D, using the two technologies together “makes it easier, faster and more efficient than ever before to scan spaces.”

In his article on the Matterport blog, Robinson outlines three key benefits of using the BLK360 and the Matterport Capture app in conjunction: ease-of-use, real-time visual feedback, and time saved on post-processing. Read his full analysis here. To learn more about the integration between the Leica BLK360 and Matterport, visit

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