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Video: How to Prevent Construction Site Accidents With Proactive Safety Measures

The proximity of people to heavy machinery can turn construction sites into dangerous environments. Safety and operations managers in the heavy construction industry must do everything they can to prevent safety incidents, protect people, and preserve assets.

While some safety measures are already built into machines, and additional safety awareness technology can be added to protect workers in the field, it’s vital to take an even more strategic and proactive approach to safety events. Monitoring and analyzing the types of events that are taking place on the site can help you make data-based decisions to make the workplace a safer environment. The ability to integrate field-generated safety data into cloud-based collaboration platforms makes this possible.

In the video above, Dean Mullis, Application Engineer for Leica Geosystems’ Machine Control Division explains how the Leica ConX Awareness module provides safety managers with the tools they need to track and measure safety-related data, enabling them to analyze incident data from reports and a built-in KPI dashboard. By filtering all logged incident data by equipment, date, and event type, managers can create an incident heatmap that can help them better understand the highest-risk areas on the construction site.

By tracking safety-related data, analyzing incident data, and communicating critical information to employees, you can take a proactive approach to safety, preventing future incidents and increasing safety for workers and site assets.

Watch the video to learn more, and contact us for a consultation.

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