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How to prevent costly re-work in building construction with in-field verification

Re-work is an expensive problem for the construction industry. In fact, it’s estimated that construction companies spend 30% of their time doing re-work (MCSER), much of which could be avoided if the information was available for verification at the time it was needed. According to Autodesk and FMI, just over half of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication.

Many of today’s verification routines involve capture on-site and analysis back in the office, which leads to additional delays and increases the risk of rework further along the project. With the Leica iCON field verification app, construction companies can quickly and easily check work directly in the field and immediately layout out of tolerance areas for corrective measures, without delay and without leaving the site.

What is the iCON verification app?

The iCON field verification app enables field crews to quickly and easily perform real-time verification on site within the same construction tailored field software used for their layout tasks – iCON build. Out of tolerance areas are immediately available for layout, for quick decision making and corrective measures to reduce unnecessary rework and costs at later stages of the project. When developing the verification app we wanted to do more and to make verification more accessible to the construction crews on site who need it the most. Therefore one focus area was to not only support scan data from the Leica Nova MS60 Multistation but also traditional point measurements when using a Leica iCON robotic total station.

The second focus area was to give as much flexibility to define a reference to verify data against, no matter if it’s an elevation, a best fit plane or an IFC object. The options are there to ensure that you can prove that the construction conforms to the design, meets the right tolerances, and is in exactly the right place.

A third focus area for the app was to make sure that the verified data was immediately usable in the field to highlight out of tolerance areas for correction, for example, high and low spots on wet concrete where there is a short time frame before the concrete becomes unworkable. With this in mind we kept a simple Capture, Verify, Layout process for the application: capture the data with the tools you have, verify to your chosen reference, and then layout areas for correction all within the same construction tailored software and when you need it.

How do you use the app on-site?

It really is as simple as Capture, Verify, Layout. With a fast collection of as-built data from iCON total station measurements and Leica MS60 MultiStation, you can capture data exactly when you need it. Simple automated workflows enable data capture for all surface types such as pre and post-pour of concrete slabs, structures, and MEP installations. Quick real-time calculation of the captured data against design is displayed immediately within the iCON build software, highlighting areas out of tolerance for immediate correction in the field, using the calculated contour lines and points.

Why use the iCON verification app?

The two major benefits of using the app are interrelated: it saves time and it saves costs. Having verification information when you need it prevents project delays and keeps projects on track. The real time verification results let you immediately check your work without delay and make informed decisions and complete any corrective measures if needed. For example, freshly poured concrete only remains workable for approximately 60 – 90 minutes, so any delay in getting the verification results adds additional cost to the project.

When field crews are able to verify after each step, you can avoid errors that might otherwise have been built in from assumptions about the data. Avoiding rework saves contractor time and materials, adding up to significant savings. The Autodesk (Plangrid) and FMI research study estimated that rework caused by miscommunication and inaccurate and inaccessible information cost the U.S. construction industry more than $31 billion in 2018.

Does it require training?

The verification app is part of the iCON field software which means that it has the same familiar experience within the construction tailored software. For existing users, this means a very short learning curve but, as for all Leica products, there is full support available from our global team to assist with on-demand or on-site training if needed. The app is so easy to use that, even for new users, training time will be minimal.

Can you use the data off-site?

Yes; to ensure that the app is aligned to today’s digital construction processes, all verification data and reports can be easily exported and sent to the office for further analysis and sign-off. If you already use a Leica robotic solution or a MultiStation and you already have iCON field – why not use the verification app and improve your return on investment. Verification is an ideal add-on to the existing benefits a robotic total station has to offer to building construction projects!

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