Field Layout Masters: How Successful Construction Firms Get It Right

Field Layout

Low productivity and high waste are common problems in building construction, driven largely by unexpected rework and change orders. Additionally, the complexity of buildings has increased, along with owner expectations to lower costs, accelerate turnaround and increase quality. Still, some construction firms have found a way to thrive in this environment. Their secret? The adoption of new processes, such as building information modeling (BIM) and digital workflows. The recent collaboration between Autodesk and Leica Geosystems is making cloud-connected, model-driven field layout even easier so construction teams can increase jobsite productivity. In a 60-minute webinar on September 3, Leica Geosystems’ Cathi Hayes and Autodesk’s Zach Crumal showed how the alliance between the two technology giants can improve your layout process. You can now view the webinar on-demand.

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BIM 101: 6 Cool Apps for Viewing 3D Models in the Field


We’ve all heard about the trend of “Getting BIM to the Field.” Typically, models were used in the office for pre-con and not something that applies to field work, where 2D datasets are the norm. Although the 2D process is familiar, it limits the amount of information available to the construction team. Taking the model to the field for use as a reference can substantially increase accuracy by providing immediate access to information that is not visible or clear on 2D plans.

Fortunately, the development of tablet computers and recent software advances have made viewing reference models in the field much easier either locally (preloaded onto the tablet) or in the cloud; in fact, many software viewers are available for free. Here are six apps that allow you to take reference models to the jobsite. Continue reading…

How to Go Mobile with Point Clouds

mobile point clouds 3_lg

Importing point clouds to a laptop or desktop machine is easy. Whether you’re stitching scans together or just viewing them, there are a number of programs available to handle the data. Leica Cyclone and Autodesk ReCap are just a couple of examples. However, bringing that point cloud data with you into the field on a mobile device is not so simple. Continue reading…

How BIM 360 Glue Changes Model Use

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Many years ago, we decided Autodesk Navisworks would be our “decoder ring” by which we’d assemble all the different models we work with from start to finish. At a minimum this means subcontractor models, but it also usually includes design models from architects and engineers. Mobile model use, particularly in the field, has never been practical as the few model viewers out there all have a mix of pros and cons. The good news is that Autodesk introduced BIM 360 Glue for the iPad many months ago and it’s changed the way we think about model use. Continue reading…