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New Industry Partnership Leverages Digital Twin to Optimize Building Operations

Combining current building data from Hexagon’s reality capture solutions with Nemetschek’s horizontal, open, and cloud-based digital twin platform enables new data-driven insights—and that’s just the beginning.

Vast amounts of data are created during the design, construction, and lifecycle of a building. Much of this information ends up in silos and becomes outdated over time. Decisions made from these incomplete and outdated records can negatively impact a building’s performance, resulting in higher operating costs.

It is widely understood that a digital twin can enhance visibility, increase efficiency and enable data-driven insights, but there hasn’t been a clear path to apply these advantages to building operations.

A new strategic partnership between Hexagon’s Geosystems division and the Nemetschek Group aims to provide a solution.

Reality Capture and BIM in a Digital Twin Platform

Hexagon brings end-to-end reality capture and Scan2BIM solutions that automatically capture accurate and real-time field data to create digital twins. Hexagon also provides AI-powered solutions to explore building analytics and simulations, access progress insights, and navigate assets in an immersive experience during design, construction and operations through VR/AR and positioning technology.

The Nemetschek side of the partnership involves a new horizontal, open, and cloud-based digital twin platform, called dTwin. This platform brings together all relevant information from CAD/BIM, IWMS, and other systems with real-time streams from building operations to provide visualization, data analysis, and asset management.

A Data-Driven Approach for More Sustainable Buildings

The combination of the latest reality capture solutions with building operations insights delivers a seamlessly integrated end-to-end workflow for efficient and sustainable building operations. The data-driven approach, trademarked as Building Lifecycle Intelligence™, is designed to enable owners and operators to make knowledge-based decisions for buildings.

Hexagon and Nemetschek Group call the workflow a “first step” in a partnership that aims to provide data continuity and digital twins at scale.

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