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Video: LIVE Q&A with Atlas Excavating

Explore insights on overcoming the labor shortage, quickly training new hires, choosing construction technology, and more.

How do you diversify and grow your business in the middle of a labor shortage?

Atlas Excavating has discovered the key.

For more than 30 years, the Indiana-based company focused on public sewer work and subdivisions. Now they seek out new types of projects while adding work to their portfolio. They’ve more than doubled their team size, triggered a growth boom, and developed the ability to take on much larger projects.

In this recorded Q&A with For Construction Pros, Casey Dillon, President and CEO, and Andrew Dodson, Earthwork Manager, take you behind the scenes on their journey from focusing on small commercial sites to successfully handling half-a-million-square-foot projects.

You’ll learn:

  • Proven strategies for attracting and retaining employees
  • Fast-track approaches to bringing new hires up to speed
  • Tips for evaluating and implementing productivity-boosting technology
  • Insights on maximizing the ROI of technology investments

Watch the video to explore proven strategies from the experts.

To speak with a heavy construction expert who can guide you on your technology journey, contact us.

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