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As built scanning workflow

Laser scanning before a construction project is a fast, easy and accurate way to provide complete 3D measurements for renovations and retrofits along with as-builts for operations/facilities management. With laser scans, you can easily compare real-world conditions against the existing models or CAD drawings to identify any deviations so they can be corrected before new designs are created. 3D laser scanning is the best way to create a true as-built record of existing conditions so new designs are based on the most accurate information, which mitigates the risk of change orders and schedule delays.

For the most efficient process, choose a 3D laser scanner hardware and software package that provides high accuracy, streamlined workflows and proven support. Options in this category include the construction scanner Leica ScanStation P16 or the survey grade scanners Leica ScanStation P30 and P40 with supporting industrial and survey grade auto-registration Leica Cyclone Register point cloud processing software and the high-performance, high-volume point cloud management solutions Leica CloudWorx for Revit and AutoCAD plug-ins. With these solutions, you can produce point clouds to inform CAD and model creation with a high level of confidence. Super-charge your point cloud performance with the web-enabled JetStream point cloud server as the back-end database for CloudWorx. Share point clouds with project stakeholders using practically any device by publishing TruViews (bubble viewer) with the Cyclone Publisher software.


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