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4 Simple Tips for Protecting Your Construction Technology Investment

You’ve invested in construction technology, so you want to be sure it lasts. But construction site conditions are dusty, dirty, and generally less than ideal. While choosing technology that is rugged and designed for challenging environments is one way to get a good return on your investment, there are other things you can do to protect your purchase. Follow these four simple tips to extend the operating life of your surveying and machine control technology.

  1. Consider the surroundings when you set up your base station

    Base stations getting hit by equipment is a not-uncommon occurrence on jobsites. When you set up your base station, it’s important to think about where heavy equipment will be operating. Locate the station in a spot that is conducive to GPS/GNSS operation (away from heavy tree cover and other satellite obstructions) but will limit the possibility of it being hit or knocked over.

  2. Inspect and clean technology daily

    Construction dust, dirt, and grime can get into moving parts of a robotic total station, so you need to wipe these down each day and inspect them to be sure they are clean and working properly.
    Construction equipment-mounted technology should also be inspected before and after use. Cables can break down or be pinched, so keeping spare cables on hand can reduce downtime and get you back up and running quickly. You also want to be sure the connectors are clear of any dust or debris.

  3. Take care of your construction equipment

    When it comes to machine control, the performance of construction equipment is just as essential as the performance of construction technology. For example, when you purchase a machine control system for a motor grader, you’ve now upgraded that piece of equipment for fine grading and should reserve that machine for that task. It would be a mistake to use the grader for a task like snow plowing down a city street where you could hit a turret or manhole cover, or another task that might take it out of spec. If the machine is out of spec, it won’t achieve the level of accuracy you need. The same is true for all machines upgraded with machine control.

  4. Protect your technology from theft

    Equipment theft is a sad reality for construction firms. Fortunately, technology can help with that. Leica LOC8, for example, allows you to set up multiple geofences around jobsites and be alerted when instruments are on the move. If someone takes your equipment, you can track and recover it quickly. With the ability to remotely lock and unlock total stations on demand through your app or web account, your instrument will be unusable to thieves.

When it comes to protecting your construction technology investment, little things done every day will make a difference—like keeping equipment clean and out of harm’s way on the jobsite. Other best practices can be taken care of at the time of your purchase, such as ensuring you are protected against theft. If you or your team have any questions regarding your equipment, we will be happy to assist you; please contact us.

About the Author

Mike Windsor is passionate about helping the heavy construction industry increase productivity and efficiency with technology. He brings more than 30 years of experience in survey and machine control to his position as Regional Sales Manager, Northeast US, Heavy Construction, Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon.


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