With the latest hardware and software innovations, 3D reality capture is more accessible than ever before. Simple data collection methods, automated registration capabilities, intuitive deliverable creation software and versatile sharing tools are increasing the demand for point clouds in applications ranging from construction and surveying to public safety. But the latest developments are also raising some important questions. 

For example: 

• What kind of accuracy can you expect from the latest reality capture sensors?
• Can you really trust what’s on the spec sheet, or do other considerations come into play?
• What if you’re using multiple sensors – will all of the data merge seamlessly into the same dataset?
• What issues should you be aware of in field work and data collection, combining scans, and extracting data?
• What’s the most efficient way to manage point cloud data?

In this on-demand Q&A webinar, reality capture expert Michael Harvey will address these and other topics that are essential to choosing the right solution and maximizing the value of your investment. Watch now for crucial insights that will position you for success in this rapidly growing field. 

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