We all have a lot of work to do, and less time to do it in. Our clients are demanding higher quality and more complex, innovative projects than ever before. With the rise in demand and a shrinking skilled workforce, combined with increasingly complex jobsites, what is the best way for construction firms to compete?

Two words: Go digital.

Advances in digital layout and mapping are changing the face of construction as you read this. Savvy contractors have already eliminated rework and streamlined workflows through the adoption of high-tech solutions such as laser scanning reality capture, but a basic way to create versatility and trim fat from operations is with digital tools such as high-efficiency robotic total stations and smart software.

When the iPhone was first introduced, many thought it was a gimmick; few people could have predicted the impact it would have on the way people interacted with technology. The visionary aspects of that first iPhone, the combination of cutting-edge technology, touch screens and mobile computing, have sparked a revolution in communication, as well as in the ways we work and live.

The latest innovations in construction measurement technology present the same kind of opportunities for your construction business. By embracing the digital revolution, you will play a key role in shaping how the future gets built.

The Future: Now at Your Fingertips

Leica iCR80

Consider the impact of a complete digital transformation on your business. What happens if you move from manual or conventional robotic total station layout to today’s most advanced digital layout solutions?

Contractors who use the Leica iCON robotic total stations and software have reported the ability to:

  • Rely on automation to fill the growing skills gap.
  • Eliminate unnecessary delays in the field with robust aiming, lock and re-lock capabilities between the total station and prism.
  • Seamlessly move data between the field and the office.
  • Achieve transparency across the jobsite and among project stakeholders by combining data from UAVs, laser scanners, total stations, GPS and other sensors in a seamless workflow.
  • Export data without conversions for use in common software platforms.
  • Integrate new technology into existing workflows with minimal training.

The new iCON iCR70 and iCR80 total stations were crafted to meet the rising demands of modern jobsites, featuring a simple and guided setup routine designed to automatically search and identify targets, with the most stable prism lock available today. Users typically report an 80 percent increase in productivity compared to conventional layout practices.

The Leica iCON software brings new levels of fluidity to planning and communication, not only in presenting the field data from total stations but also integrating Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data (the object-based format used to collaborate in BIM-based projects) and model data seamlessly to create a complete picture of the project with the highest accuracy.

Forward-thinking contractors are already experiencing breakthroughs in accuracy, efficiency and productivity as a result of these leaps in data collection and data management. Workflow digitization opens new opportunities in taking on complex projects and mastering overall construction productivity and BIM.

Advances in Digital Layout Technology Give You the Tools to Dominate

Leica iCR80 GC Dataflow

Streamlining data collection and processing with next-gen technology means:

One operator + the robotic total station + layout software for point processing = time saved and better data.

Here are some of the benefits of this new way of doing things:

  • A shorter learning curve and reliable setup – the latest innovations simplify workflows and fill a critical gap in skills via intuitive apps and visual user interfaces.
  • An easy approach to complex layout – the ability to visually select objects from 3D models simply by tapping them on the controller makes it easy to lay out complex geometries.
  • High efficiency and productivity – automated prism lock and re-lock capabilities eliminate challenges such as line-of-sight disruptions and having other prisms and reflective objects onsite (no more turning your vest inside out).
  • Cross-platform compatibility with industry-standard file formats – no more file conversions.
  • Workflow flexibility through simple filter mechanisms – quickly access the data you need.
  • Faster delivery/completion – going digital saves time and increases quality

The Leica iCON series layout software, paired with the Infinity office package, provides an improved digital forum for collaboration.

Digital Advances are the Tools You Need for the Way Construction Gets Done

These innovations are the leading edge of a global shift in the way construction gets done. They highlight the fact that this is the direction the industry is moving – that the tools and technology respond to trends in thought and answer the evolving needs of owners and architects as well as builders and clients. The whole construction marketplace is experiencing a tectonic shift as digital tools pave the way to better practices.

These technologies aren’t just some new shiny tool; they’re the answer to increasing complexity and shrinking schedules, giving you the accuracy and flexibility you need to deliver the highest quality for your clients while boosting efficiency and profit, so you can grow your business.

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