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Three New Construction Tools That Help You Work Smarter

Hexagon recently announced the development of three new construction tools in the Leica Rugby line of lasers, Leica Lino series, and Leica DISTO series. Designed for distinctly different applications, each tool provides impressive capabilities that can help you complete projects faster, more accurately and with less effort.

Adaptable Lasers Streamline Concrete and Formwork Leveling 

Leica Rugby CLH and Leica Rugby CLA lasers offer the unique capability to adapt to your application needs through software upgrades, which is an industry first. Designed for flexibility and durability, the simple interface and rugged design allow high usability, even in harsh conditions, with time savings up to 30 percent in applications such as concrete and formwork leveling, height checking and transferring, and land leveling. As construction projects move forward, you don’t need to switch tools; instead, you can easily upgrade the Rugby software to gain semi- and fully automatic grade functionality for single and dual slopes and machine guidance.

Self-Leveling Lasers Make Easy Work of Alignment Tasks

For tiling, drywalling, partitioning, electrical installations and other alignment tasks as well as plumb point projection and transferring measured points, the new Leica Lino series of self-leveling cross and point line lasers provide high accuracy and efficiency. Characterized by exceptional laser visibility, these lasers are easily rechargeable for up to triple the power supply, giving you as much as 44 hours on a single charge. Affixed by magnets and attachable to nearby work surfaces, this laser provides precision and speed, with an uninterrupted workflow. Height adjustability extends its usefulness within a variety of environments or logistics. And a sturdy aluminum frame and rubber components make it ideal for the harsh environment of construction sites.

Distance Meters Morph into Complete Measuring Station

When you need the ability to take accurate handheld distance measurements as well as precisely determine the distance between any two points, the Leica DISTO X3 and X4 tools provide a solution. Impact resistant and debris and water protected, the X series performs well in the most challenging construction environments. Both the X3 and X4 measure at a range of up to 500 feet at 1/16-inch accuracy. The X4 boasts a built-in camera with a high-resolution color screen, offering precision viewing and measuring. When used in conjunction with the Leica DST 360 adapter, these tools morph into a complete measuring station with point-to-point measurement capability. The Leica DISTO Plan app adds the capability to process scaled plans with CAD software.

As construction projects become increasingly complex, the ability to be fast, accurate and flexible can make all the difference in keeping your work on time and on budget. With smart functionality and an easy-to-use design, these new tools can help you take your skills to the next level.

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