As building design becomes increasingly complex, contractors must find new ways to build structures that meet the design intent and align with fabrication models while staying within tolerance. Having access to accurate and comprehensive data that connects the digital world with the real world is crucial to realizing ambitious designs and keeping projects on track.

When GE Johnson faced the challenge of constructing an exterior skin composed of 9,000 interlocking diamond-shaped anodized aluminum petals for the U.S. Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs, CO, the team knew exactly how to get the precision they needed. Using 3D laser scanning technology from Leica Geosystems, GE Johnson was able to capture every detail of the extraordinary structure at high accuracy. This as-built data enables off-site prefabrication of the petals for a streamlined approach to construction, as well as accurate installation of the petals once they are delivered. Watch the video to see how reality capture is creating new possibilities in design.



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