Editors Picks

  • Video: Reality Capture for Construction Validation

    3D laser scanning is becoming mandatory for an efficient BIM workflow. With the latest hardware and software innovations, scanning workflows can be intuitive and accessible, or comprehensive and feature-rich. Recent software developments provide automated deviation detection and remarkable loading and processing speeds, as well as complete interoperability with popular CAD platforms. Scanning provides valuable insights …   Read More

  • Video: The Benefits of BIM-to-Field Robotic Construction Layout

    From MEP to concrete construction, robotic total station layout provides substantial gains in accuracy and productivity. Watch the video to see how a fully digital process reduces rework and increases profitability.   Read More

  • How Backpack Mapping Transforms BIM Documentation

    As every building construction professional knows, having accurate and timely documentation is key to ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget. All too often, however, existing documentation is inaccurate, out of date or missing, and obtaining documentation during construction is time-consuming and complicated. This situation leads to guesswork and, ultimately, rework. Reality …   Read More